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Safety & Security

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While using the website of Yesss Capital LTD (, all actions performed and the flow of all processes are completely secured. The special security protocols used make our website reliable and protected. Our website is a high-tech tool that can be used online. That is why we have equipped all its components and databases with advanced anti-malware and anti-virus systems. We also use high-tech EV SSL encryption.

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In addition to protecting the company's website, we also pay great attention to protection of the personal data of all our investors and users. The above-mentioned technologies, configured in a certain way, reliably protect personal data at any level of interaction between the company and investors.

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There is security everywhere and at any level of relationship. This is the main credo of Yesss Capital LTD. This also applies to insurance and protection of investment risks. In applying high-tech investment management protocols, and providing the best insurance solutions based on impressive international experience in the field of similar services, Yesss Capital LTD remains the undisputed leader in the industry and a reliable business partner.

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In order to avoid bitter misunderstandings, it is strongly recommended that your Password, Secret Question and Secret Answer be written down somewhere and stored in a safe place. NOTE!!! You should NEVER USE THE SAME PASSWORD on several sites!

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